The Future Of Some Major Franchises

15 Jun 2006
A fascinating article in The Hollywood Reporter talks about the future of many of the studios big current film franchises. Amongst the new details garnered from the lengthy report:

Spider-Man 4
Sam Raimi, Producer Laura Ziskin and Sony will be meeting before month's end about a fourth film. Ziskin says "There will be more 'Spider-Man' movies. We just haven't answered what shape they will come in and (Sony) hasn't given us a release date... Spider-Man' will continue; I can't tell you every person who will be involved."

Fantastic Four 3
Despite a stellar opening, the 66% second weekend drop-off and expected dip from the first film's total gross means that another 'Four' is being considered but "no script is in development" says a source.

Fox has committed to go into production the instant Jackman finishes Baz Luhrmann's epic romance "Australia." The aim is to begin filming early Fall so it can be ready for next Summer.

X-Men 4
"There is no script for an X-Men 4,' and there is none in the works" says producer Lauren Schuler-Donner.

Superman Returns 2
The studio has mandated major cost cuts before proceeding with a sequel, WB chief Alan Horn saying "If we do a sequel to 'Superman,' we want it to be less expensive. I have to see a screenplay before I say yes to anything. But the studio would be willing to spend as much as $175 million if the screenplay and other factors warranted it."

The article also scored quotes and details indicating no chance of an "Ocean's Fourteen," MGM executives recently renegotiated the company's deal with star Daniel Craig to continue as James Bond, reshoots on The Bourne Ultimatum" have blown that film's budget well past the initial $130 million estimate, and "The Golden Compass" could have a budget as high as $180 million
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