The mystery deepens

17 Jul 2005
Following on from my thread in networking I thought I had got my wireless network card working again by turning off my onboard lan which appears to be a bit borked.

However I have now noticed that my USB ports that are on the same bank as the Lan port (ie right next to it on the motherboard) also seem to be showing signs of not working properly.

Basically to expand when I got my wireless adaptor working I had it plugged into my front usb ports for ease of use (case with back near a wall). Now all was hunky dory and all my tray icons were loading as normal. However I decided to move the wlan adaptor to one of the rear usb ports and now I am getting the same issues as before (no connection and slow loading tray icons).

This is very confusing as only a few days everything was working fine.

I have tried a different bios with no change, different motheboard drivers with again no change and I can't think of anything else to try.

I am just wondering whether this might be a sign of something wrong with my motherboard which may rear its ugly head when I don't want it to.

What do you guys reckon?

13 May 2007
On the wagon, sorta
power supply?
might be right off the mark but allways one of the first things i check with somthing like this.
if things are not being picked up on the usb ports and theres no visible damage to pins/plug etc might be worth trying.
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