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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mrs Seabiscuit, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. DJMK4


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    Ahhh brilliant, I wonder how many parents would turn their children round half way up the path and tell them to go back after seeing the saville one :p
  2. {SAS}TB


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  3. plasmahal

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    Just nipped outside to take a piccy of the the 2 my 11yr old daughter did:

  4. LOAM


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  5. satanicguardian

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    So i just had to.. SUCH SPOOK. wow. **edit - how do I shrink my enormous pics, I forget XD**

    Holy image size batman.
  6. Aeleys


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    ROFL. Winner...
  7. Veco


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    W don't take kindly to those trick or treater's.

  8. m1xmag


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    So you make pumpkins that make people thing maybe they are welcome and then write that. Confused :confused:

    Halloween largely is just a bit of harmless fun for most kids, sadly there are always kids that just dont know how to behave properly and ruin it for others and scare older people.

    On the whole though, its good fun :)
  9. Malt_Vinegar


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    My effort :)
  10. pheebs


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    Sam does too. Shuts me up for hours when I get me a pumpkin.

    For this year, I bring you the one and only DAVY JONES!


    Took me a couple of evenings as I don't have the right tools! Just a scalpel so fidgety!

    Still, chuffed I am. Can't wait for next year, got some totally geek-fest ideas! :D
  11. Zero Pope

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  12. Raymond Lin

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    ^^^ You win Pheebs, hands down !
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  13. dirtychinchilla


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    Wow! There are some amazing pumpkins here, particularly pheeb's!
  14. Adam123


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    Some awesome ones here, much better than the ones made at my work today haha
  15. Kurisu Makise


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  16. Cupra


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    This years attempt by my sister.
  17. Musty Pie


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    Here is this years one:


    Did it for a friend at works kids.

    Some good ones in here this year :D
  18. WillyNelson


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    A bit late to the party. Last night's efforts. Mine on the left, daughter's on the right.
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  19. Indie


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    I thought mine was decent but some of these are crazy! good work guys!
  20. Spanker

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