The time has come!

6 Jul 2006
South East
Some decent parts in my pc that tbh kinda been held back by some old school AGP parts so... worked myself to death with some overtime to afford a small leap from AGP to PCi/Sli next month much earlyer than planned. :) So would like some advice please on what Motherboard, Gfx card would be good to go with rest (see my sig) which can be re-used (minus 7800+ and mobo of course) with max £300 budget?

Edit: It does not have to be dx10 future proof gfx card or mobo and would much prefer to re-use my current G.Skill memory if possible to save £'s, have some idea's myself but would like to see what some experts here think should/could be done to get the best of what i have. :cool:

So £300 budget (would be £150, however im taking into account the min for parts been sold) for two maybe three new parts in total.

Please advise away. :D
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