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The X800 GTO16 Problem is back! =(

11 Feb 2006
Hey there,

A while ago, I posted a problem I'd been having: my X800 GTO16 (PowerColor) had been playing up: every time it had to load something, it black screened for a second or two, which got really annoying after a while, especially when it got going (practically 1 second of normal, 5 seconds of black). I thought I'd sorted it (by uninstalling the monitor driver), and that seemed to have gotten rid of it.

But now it's back after about 5 months, just out of thin air. I'm not sure if I can find the receipt, and I'm not sure where the warranty was (I knew I collected it), but I'm just thinking of taking it back here and getting a new GPU, maybe (GX-078-XF).

Anyone had the same problem? I can fix it quickly by re-installing the main driver for it, but it comes back after loading into a menu, or entering fullscreen. If you can lend a hand, please do help, I'm in dire need.
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