30 May 2021
Good afternoon!

I've been considering getting a new laptop for myself, which I will be using for both productivity and gaming purposes and my top choice so far is the Razer Blade 15 Core i7 16GB 256GB SSD GTX 1660Ti 15.6" Win10 Home Gaming Laptop.

Here is a link to it (which states all the details!)

I just had a few questions about this in general for people who have it / have used it before / know about it. They don't really have it stocked in stores, so I can't really see it in person - I'm mostly relying on online reviews to work off.

1. Will I be able to upgrade the storage? (If I understand correctly it comes with 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD)

2. What is the laptop like overall for doing both work / gaming with? I would like to be 'portable' with the laptop, too, so is this doable with this model?

If there are people with this laptop or have experienced using it, I'd love to hear pros and cons about the laptop to help me make my decision, too. :)

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30 Nov 2003
Super expensive for the spec, you would be better off going for the Lenovo legion 5 pro for the exact same price with 3060 graphics card and a 1tb hard drive. Much better screen and much better cooling but would have to order while it's in the sale.
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