Titanfall SLI

6 May 2009
As there is no SLI (or Crossfire that I know of) profile, has anyone got Titanfall working in SLI?

If I set SLI rendering mode to 'force alternate frame rendering 2' then all that happens is the load is split across the 2 cards, but less than with 1. e.g. SLI disabled = 95-100% usage on 1 card. SLI force alternate 2 splits 40-50% per card, yielding less FPS

I have also tried the following (setting options in Nvidia Inspector, with poor results) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFQYx4W9g6w

337.88 drivers on GTX670 x 2

edit. I have just tried the Titanfall SLI profile found in post 122 here - https://forums.geforce.com/default/...eedback-thread-3-10-14-/post/4151993/#4151993

This appears to load cards both to ~95% however FPS is averaging 10 so something isn't right or maybe it doesn't play nice with the new drivers
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