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Toner for OKI Laser Printer

Discussion in 'Printers' started by foreright, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. foreright


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    Are compatible laser printer toner cartridges to be trusted. I remember back to the days when inkjet printers suffered when replaced with non propriety cartridges. But I am not familiar with toner replacements.
    There appears to be a vast difference between £25 and £65 and would like to know if I can trust third party toner replacements. Thanks
  2. brendy

    Wise Guy

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    I have a mix of printers in work and across different sites, some use genuines but most are now on compatibles, best advice is to go with tried and tested compatibles and suppliers that have reviews and ratings available.
    Best example at the moment is the Hp pagewide printers, £90 a cartridge for the high capacity x 4 colours. You can buy the printer for less. Rainforest site as well as local suppliers are selling them for around £45-50 per cartridge with equal or more capacity. £180+ savings per fill and reliable too makes absolute sense.
    Smaller hp laserjet and larger Xerox work centres etc, carts can be gotten for a quarter of the price too.