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3 Jul 2008
Fitted a Swiftech 220 Compact to my Phenom 955BE yesterday morning.
Fired up into BIOS to make needed monitoring changes, saw the CPU temp @ 23, never seen it that low before.
Norm under a Zalman 9700 NT was 38 idle and abou 54 100% load.
Anyhow after the system sitting idle for about 1/2 hour-(checking email and stuff), fired up Everest 5.02 latest build, and started the stability test.
At this point the idle temp was 32, under load it rose to 39 and didn't move for about 1/2 hour.
Brilliant way better than I expected.
PC was then in use onand off most of the day, few AVI conversions, disc burning, browsing etc.
So about 20:00 I ran the Everest test again.
By now the idle was 38 -(the same as my Zalman had been), under 100% it rose to 52 again the same as the Zalman had achieved.
Now not so happy.
Next I dropped everything to stock settings I.E. everything in BIOS on Auto, except I dropped the CPU Volts to 1.26.
Left it doing some downloading all night.
This morning the CPU temp is reported at 32, but wait for it, ALL the cores report Zero! 0 degrees.
Into BIOS go back to OC settings, CPU @ 1.30V 17.5 multiplier, to give 3.5 ghz
Checked this now with Core Temp and all say the same except AMD Overdrive which is nuts as it reports minus 256.
So once again do the Everest stability test and guess what the CPU temp sits at 32-34, but all the cores still report 0.
Any guesses anyone, I'm suspecting the internal diode has failled.
Ambient BTW is 23 - 24 :confused:
Note in the screenshot the CPU fan speed is actually the pump.

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