Tweak / Minor upgrade



22 Dec 2009
Evening all, been a hell of a long time since being on the forum, hope all is well!

Because I've been out of the loop for sometime, I was hoping for some advice based on my current rig (see signature).

Incase you cannot see the sig, I have the following set up:

AMD 1090T 6 core processor, ROG Formula IV motherboard, 8gb of DDR3 F3-17000 G Skill Ripjaws RAM, a MSI R9 380 (4gb) graphics card, an OCZ PSU which I cannot remember the wattage with 64bit Windows 7.

I know this is all old tech but it still serves me well but I was wondering what SSD drive is most suitable for this setup.

At the time of the build when everything was a fortune, I could only muster a 120gb Kingston SSD. Any suggestions what's out there to boost this set up any more if at all?

Thanks in advance