** TwsT's Guide to Buying a new Mouse and Price Comparison List **

20 Dec 2020
As this is a sticky thread, I though I may as well suggest it could do with an update as a great deal of the mice are no longer available.

I have created a thread about asking for quite a specific office / gaming mouse, but this thread mentions something I hadn't realised. I honestly thought one of my recent mice (Hama MW800) was broken or faulty until i saw the section about prediction and angle snapping. For my uses, despite doing a reasonable amount of gaming, I find mice that don't easily allow you to draw a dead straight line horrible to use most of the time. I often scale things right down in my browser and find it much smoother and more accurate if it predicts where you are going. Which I have just learned. I believe that is what my Logitech M705 must do as precision wise when sliding it around, it is extremely precise. What I don't know is that if most gaming mice will be like this one or not.

If gaming mice are like my Hama mouse that I bought and jump around when attempting to draw a straight line in an editing program, then they won't be suitable for me. I'm basically wanting something wireless that is pretty much exactly the same size as the M705, but with a more normal scroll wheel that doesn't have the temperamental 2 mode freewheel / ratchet mechanism. I also would want mice without any additional lights, but is seems my choice is limited there.

This thread has also confirmed that it is the palm grip that I am used to and certainly like most. However, as I have very small hands, if I get a mouse that is between 100 and 120mm in length, I likely will be able to use palm grip even if it is intended for a claw grip, so that may widen my options a little.

Any help here or in the other thread I created would be much appreciated.


Hehe, just noticed the last post in this thread was exactly one year ago!
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