Ubuntu and Apple Cinema Displays...

12 Feb 2007
Hello lads and ladies (i've posted on here in a few different guises before over the last few years!)

I've been playing with Ubuntu for a couple of years and want to install it on my G4 Mac Mini, which has the 20inch Apple Cinema Display. Ubuntu on a live CD will run at low res' and Kubuntu won't display properly at all. What i want to know is, (after reading the ubuntu forums and not really getting any concrete info') is:

is there a quick and easy way to solve this? one guy on a forum told me it's just a case of installing ubuntu and installing the relevant drivers; some have told me to mess around with xconf.org; but will these work? i don't want to have to repartition my HD and mess around for it to be stuck in the wrong res/not display properly. The mini runs the 9200 ATI chipset (which is the problem, obviously!).


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