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Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo

30 Jan 2006
Intel has quietly introduced a pair of 'Yonah'-based ultra-low voltage processors, both of which are believed to consume no more than 5.5W, but contain only one processing core and run over a reduced 533MHz frontside bus.

The two ULV CPUs - as predicted - are the 1.06GHz U1300 and the 1.2GHz U1400. Both ships support Extended SpeedStep to provide deeper sleep states and lower power consumption. Each has 2MB of L2 cache and is fabbed at 65nm.

These look to be great chips to place in media style centers- and could also be brilliant clockers too. Anyone seen anyone with engineering samples or the like?
18 Oct 2002
Would be good for Car PC applications - these chips should pack some punch (relatively speakng) and are much better than the VIA or whatever alternatives :)

Question is where can we get them from, when and how much!
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