Under desk case mount

24 Nov 2011
Hi folks,

I wondered if anyone has gone got any advice for under desk mounts for cases. I've bought a Flexispot e5 frame and will mount my existing desktop underneath.

But what I'm struggling to decide upon is a mount to place my Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Glass RGB Special into.

I was looking at the Newstart CPU-D050 as it has a nice void in the middle to span the mid-desk frame, but wondered if the top of the desktop mount will hinder airflow to the top of my case which has a Corsair AIO placed, I think it should be ok but wondered if anyone has gone down this road.

Case weighs in around 10Kg and the width is 24cm which makes it a touch wider hence my choice above.

Any advise much appreciated, I want the case to rise and fall (with the desk) so cables dont need to be extended all over the place.

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