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Upgrade for BF3

14 Mar 2010
So I was looking at getting 8GB of memory and a graphics card upgrade for BF3. The memory I've sorted and now I'm looking at a couple of 6970's for the graphics, specifically the Sapphire one. One of the reasons being I want a reference card so I can use a full cover waterblock. Am I right in saying that quite a lot of the 6950's aren't reference anymore and that most of them can't be flashed to 6970 performance? I don't care about paying the little extra.

Just thought I would see if anyone has any other suggestions. Keeping in mind that it must fit in my CM 690ii.

Anyone else feel free to also use this thread for upgrade help regarding BF3.
5 Sep 2010
As stated your best chance of an unlockable HD 6950 is the Sapphire TOXIC.

It has a dual BIOS and if you flick the switch to the second BIOS it will hopefully unlock the extra shaders.

Check the EK Cooling Configurator here.

According to that their full cover blocks fit the Sapphire HD 6950 TOXIC.
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