Upgrading from 27" to 32"?

25 Nov 2020
Currently have the Asus MX27AQ I bought 5 years ago. Pretty happy about it, good overall design, image quality is good from my experience, also pretty happy with the size. But Cyberpunk is coming up and it would be nice to play the game on a huge screen.

Can't play games at 4k/60fps with my current setup (i7 4790, 16 gig ram, gtx1070) , so I'd basically be playing games like Cyberpunk at 1440p, so I don't know how much I'd benefit from getting a 32 inch at 4k resolution. The reason I was still considering 4k because at 32 inch/1440p you'd be getting 92ppi and that would be lower than my current monitor, which would be 109 ppi. I'm changing to a bigger desk soon and I'd be sitting about 80-85 cm (>2.5 feet) away from the monitor.

So I was wondering if 92 PPI noticeably worse than 110 PPI? I'm worried it's going to annoy me when I'm browsing. And does playing games at 1440 p on a 4k/32 inch monitor look bad? I've been hearing people say it looks a lot worse when it's not native.

Sidenote: I'm not a 'reflex' gamer, so 5ms or 1ms isn't a big deal to me. Higher than 60 hz isn't a big deal either, but I haven't ever played at higher fps, so I can't speak from experience if higher than 60 fps is a huge plus. Never played at or browsed at 4k either. Also, from my point of view, people tend to be hypercritical of their monitors, I really don't notice some of the things people have apparent huge issues with. Also, I'm kind of picky on how a monitor physically looks, don't really like the cheap-looking or the 'gamey' looking monitors, don't like curved ones either. Highly prefer thin bezels on the side and top for that sleek look.

I was thinking of these two, but they are quite pricey and I really want to know if it's worth the money considering my current scenario. I probably wouldn't worry so much if I was buying a 400-500 euro monitor, but at those prices, I want to make sure.

Acer Predator XB323U
1440p ips 270 hz 1ms
780 euro

BenQ EW3280U
4k ips 60hz 5ms
753 euro
22 Nov 2018
1440p won't look good on a 4k screen because the pixels don't align.

1080p works on a 4k screen because it's 4x bigger. So each pixel in the image takes up 4 monitor pixels.

In the same way, 720p works on a 1440p screen because it's 4x bigger.

However, 4k is only 1.5x bigger than 1440p so it doesn't match up - you can't cut pixels in half. Some monitors do upscaling so you could set the resolution to 1440p and let the monitors algorithm upscale it to 4k.

If you're gaming at 1440p then it would be best to get a 1440p screen. If you're worried about pixel density, then 32" at 1440p has the same density as 24" at 1080p which I'm sure you'll agree is okay.
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