USB Mouse Issues with Vista

19 Oct 2005
Been having problems with Vista recently.

I have the ultimate edition, and for some reason a week after installation it refuses to detect a USB mouse.

It says that it has to go looking for drivers, then comes back and says it found them but since they are rubbish, it wont install them. Hence this left me with no mouse.

Tried several other USB mice ( dont have a PS2 one handy) and still was getting the same issue.

Anyway I managed to correct the problem this morning (hopefully)
Went into the device manager via keyboard and noticed no mouse category.

After unplugging and plugging in the mouse several times it came up and then said it had been disabled. Now, I wouldnt disable my own mouse even when drunk and no one else has touched the machine.
So Vista has done it on its own! LOL

I spoke to a mate this morning who is an IT techie, and recently recieved training on Vista. He said it was a widely reported fault and as far as he knew MS is trying to figure it out and develop a new patch.

I hope no one has the same problem with Vista as me, but if you do I hope what ive written above helps in some way.


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