Using a new card with old PC?

30 Jul 2004
Johannesbug, South Africa
Afternoon guys.

I've got a friend who is running an old-sh P3 system, Windows 98SE and I think about 128mb or so of SDram. Now, she was advice incorrectly by another guy and went out and bought a Gefore XFX 6200 256Mb GFX card to go into this P3 system. The card fits fine in the AGP slot.

Once loaded into Windows 98Se, it detects the card and installs the drivers, then when rebooting, it loads back to the desktop and starts a new found hardware wizzard. After that the system gives a BSOD and says it can't use the card, or something of that sort. Then the screen res goes to a small little block in the center of screen.

My thoughts are it's a fast-ish card running on a system that can't handle it. Or is that not the issue here?

Any ideas guys?

Many thanks!
15 Jan 2006
Tosche Station
It could be a funny early version of AGP which the new card doesn't like to run with.

Try checking the AGP speed in the BIOS, if it's set to a different one as the card it could make things go whoopsy, although I would've thought the card would default to the same speed automatically, give it a go I guess?