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Using an IP Address to Find a PC on a Network

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by scaramanga182, 25 May 2006.

  1. scaramanga182


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    Hi. We've had a computer 'mis-used' on the works network and we have the IP address of the offending machine. Is there a way we can use this IP number to find the computers name, so that we can then check its history to see who commited offence. Unfortunately the machines are named 1-500, but we can tell by the name where in the building the machine is located.

  2. Wayn0r


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    if you check your networking equipment there is usally a button that shows all connected computers names and their associated ip address'.

    edit: in the router/switch control panel.
  3. Bash


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    nslookup if your using DNS.
  4. Burnsy2023

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    Best way, but if you using DNS you can also usually get name resultion through the ping command as well. There's many ways to do it but i'd use nslookup.