Very Strange pc problem

9 Aug 2009
This problem has only started when i have been using W7 RTM, it started when i watched a bluray film but it has moved to tv shows, games, now it does it when computer is idle or using the internet, the problem starts with the sound going very stuttery (kinda like a mega slow motion clip) but the picture is normal, when i had my 8800GT (190 drivers, tryed newer ones and older one but the problem was still the same) the pc would restart with in 15 secs of this happening.

I could not get to the bottom of this problem so i was getting very p***ed off with it, after i remembered in the past people saying that nvidia drivers was crap in W7 i took out the 8800GT (used drivercleaner to wipe out all nvidia drivers) and put in my ATI 4650 which with W7 7100 never had this problem then installed 9.9 driver, after 2 weeks off this problem not happening i was happy that it was not happening but after afew days later the problem came back when watching Blood Diamond but the pc never reboot so before it would happen i stopped the film to find my network connection had been disconnected (only way to get it back was a reboot), so went to my dad's pc to find the internet still working.

After forcing a driver update to the network controller with driver manager i hoped that the problem was fixed, because i was wanting to play some games i upgraded to my ATI 4770 hoping the problem was fixed, while playing batman the sound would go funny like before but the network connection would stay connected this time but the speed would go down to like the good old days off 56k.

So after trying everything i could think off i am at the top off my knowledge with pc's here so i need your help trying to slove this problem, quick reminder on what the problem is if you forgot while reading all this rubbish, the sound would go to super slowmotion speeds like in movies and the network connection would go down to 56k speeds but with a driver update the connection would not drop anymore.

Sound card - X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series - driver version
Network controller - Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Gigabit Ethernet Controller - driver version

P.S. sorry for the crappy English
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