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19 Jul 2008
I am planning a new build for a video editing computer. My current case is a Coolermaster Cosmos S in need of an upgrade now. I am having some difficulty choosing the case as most cases now come without external drive bays and am after some advice please.
The editing I do is mainly for an amateur dance group using Cyberlink PowerDirector and these are then given to members of the group (at Blu-ray cost). Therefore the case needs to have at least one, ideally two, external 5.25 bays for the blu-ray writer.
My favourite case would be the Lian Li Dynamic XL, but this obviously does not have any bays. A case that has grabbed my attention is the be Quiet 900 Pro Rev.2, but reading reviews it is very hard to work with, especially for fitting of the PSU and cable management. Phanteks cases get a bit of a hard time in reviews also, mainly for being a bit flimsy in construction, especially the internals.
Is there a case you could recommend for my requirements please ie, two external bays, solid construction with very good airflow for cooling.
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10 Apr 2015
Hungerford, UK, Earth
I have just bought a B grade enthoo pro from somewhere else for a retro build. great case, i would not describe it as flimsy... some of there entry level ones can be... these are quite old now but do what you want. clearly end of life , the tempered glass one says stock is due in this month, but best to ask customer services

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