Video editing spec considerations

23 Mar 2006
Evening all,

I have been thinking of buying a new rig for a while now, for the main aim of HD video editing. A nice little bonus this month means I will be buying pretty soon. My dilemma now is, what to spend my money on...

Ideally I'd buy as many cores as possible, with as much RAM as the MB can take, an SSD, some fast HDDs raided for scratch disks and a CUDA enabled card.

However that's a little beyond my budget so I have to choose which of the above to splash out on, or do I spread it around evenly.

So, for the purposes of HD video editing, which would offer the biggest improvement.

2600K over a 2500K
16GB over 8GB
SSD (boot) + whatever HDD I have lying around (scratch) over whatever HDD I have lying around (boot) + RAID F4s 320GBs (scratch)

Some new CUDA GFX over my old x1800xt

My thoughts are that with the exception of the CPU everything can be upgraded at a later date without then having redundant newish hardware.

Anyone able to share any wisdom?