Video recoding advice - Avi-demux

20 Aug 2004
When I started recording vids for youtube I looked up a bunch of tutorials and settled on avi demux as a simple uncompressed video converter. My main use is that after an intense FRAPing session (teehee) I am left with a hundred gb per hour of video footage. What I then do is recode it so its obviously a lot smaller, and then upload to youtube.
On the advice of tutorials I settled on MPEG4-AVC as the video format, using 2 pass average bitrate at 2500. The guy on the tutorial said that the default 1500 bitrate produced very low quality transfer when uploaded to youtube and he was right. Using 2500 bitrate on my 1080p videos has always been crystal clear and I am eager to keep my videos this high quality. I cant stand pixellated vids :( I also find I need to adjust the brightness to +20 as it appears to record dark.
(I use mp3 192k for audio and recode to MKV containers)
Now my main question is, is there a better format / combination that might provide top quality full HD video without pixellation, but hopefully recode faster? I am currently on an amd phenom II at 3.4ghz and it takes about double the video length per recode if the computer is entirely idle. It works out to around 1:1 video length to recoding time per pass.
The problem is I get bored watching a progress indicator and end up playing games :p So the recoding takes a lot lot longer!

So to reiterate as I went a bit off course there.
What do you guys use to recode video high quality before uploading to youtube?
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