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VirtualBox VM's

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by Minusorange, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Minusorange

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    So I bought a Raspberry Pi and also fancied getting linux setup as a VM on my Win 10 host, am I right in assuming that anything I do on my VM is contained only in the VM and any files/folders I've given access to ?

    I've just allowed it free reign of one my older drives which was empty anyway and haven't given it permissions for anywhere else but that drive so I should be okay if I happen to accidentally install/download something dodgy it'll only affect the linux partition ?

    I'm only asking as I have some instructions/manuals/Arduino codes to download and open from Chinese sellers for electronics things I've bought off AliExpress and being the overly cautious person I am I may as well download in a safe environment as it gives me a reason to actually use and learn linux too, so I won't be a complete noob to Linux when I start tinkering with the Pi and some projects
  2. opethdisciple


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    Yes and no.

    Unless you give your VM no network access, if for example one of those links was for some malware that acted as a worm then it would theoretically be able to escape through the network port and infected the host i.e your windows machine etc....

    Being a Linux VM however it may not be able to activate it's self as it is expecting a windows environment.

    All guestimates of course.

    I think your over thinking it.
  3. Minusorange

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    Joined: Nov 25, 2005

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    I probably am, but it's better to be safer and it gives me a reason to use linux and learn it (I actually like what I've seen so far of it)