Vista problems sorted by going x64

18 Oct 2002
I was having some performance issues with my 32bit install of Vista, nothing serious, but dreamscene was eating 60% of my cpu and ive had a few crashes.
I put it down to nvidia's drivers.

I also had a problem with user accounts, having the original adminstrator account and my normal account which was part of the administrator group. Newsleecher didnt work, and a few programs were giving me problems.


I decided to installed Vista Ultimate x64 tonight.
All went smoothly.
Again it automatically created a user account for me. So I switched users straight away went into the admin account, and deleted the 'user admin' account just leaving me with one account that being the original admin.
Installed all my software, and lastest nvidia drivers which i had previously done on my x86 install.

Ran dreamscene and BINGO!!, it was only using 4% cpu instead of 60%!.
Newsleecher ran smooth also, and everything just feels so much more responsive.
I dont know why, id reinstalled the x86 version 3 times and got the same bad performance.
Going x64 and deleted all the user accounts apart from the original admin account has solved all my issues.

Just a heads up incase anyone else is having similar problems.
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