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Vlookup and average

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Colbaker, 21 Oct 2016.

  1. Colbaker

    Wise Guy

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    Hi all.

    I have 3 sheets. In Column a on each sheet is a name, in column B on each sheet is there time each month that they have been working which varies.

    On sheet 4 I want to match the name then average the times they have been working over the 3 other sheets.

    What formula should I use?
  2. Namsnik


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    I assume that
    (A) each name only appears once on each sheet
    (B) each name appears on every sheet.
    (C) the time is in a suitable numeric/time format
    If those assumptions are not right then these solutions will need tweaking.

    Option1 Restructure your data and use a pivot table:
    This will be the quickest and require least maintenance.
    Merge the info in the three sheets by:
    Adding a new column containing the sheetname/nonthname or whatever else distinguishes the three sheets. Then copy the data from the sheets one below the other so that you have a single table with all the data.
    Then use a pivot table to create an average for each name. (Row field = name, datafield =time ....

    Option2 Live with the data in the format you have it.
    With the names in column A of sheet4, with titles in row 1
    This formula in BB2 will give the average time:
  3. adolf hamster


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    Do the sheets have a standard naming convention eg: month1, month2....?

    If so and its numeric you can use an indirect and column number to pull the data into one sheet and average it.

    I used a similar system for recording machine logs, i just named a standard sheet template by the batch number and it was setup to pull the column averages through for each batch. Its a pita to set up but once working you can just add sheets by the naming convention and itll automatically filter through.

    The pivot table would be better as a quick dynamic display, or if you can restructure your spreadsheet to keep all the data in one table then its just a case of adding columns
  4. BigT


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    As long as each name is unique then on sheet 4 if you have:

    Column A - Name
    Column B - Average

    In B2 you can put: