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Discussion in 'Sound City' started by nicknack35, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. nicknack35

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    Morning all after bit of advice what people are using ive a PI3 that is gathering dust so i thought id put it to good use and use it as an Audio player for my Dali kubic one so just ordered the DIGI DAC so i can use the optical output what software has more features exc
  2. roger that


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    Well they all use the same MPD software to get audio to the output, so in reality the sound of each should be similar.

    Volumio and RuneAudio both let you download complete images for the SD card, MoOde you'll have to build yourself, really easy if you're not put off by using ssh.

    My own experience based on my Pi2, is that Volumio is the easiest, RuneAudio is outdated and MoOde is my favourite.