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*** VR Deals Thread ***

Discussion in 'Virtual Reality' started by koooowweeee, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Ravenger

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    Lone Echo rarely goes on sale, so I'd go for that. Superhot has been on sale more often.
  2. bazzabear

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    Cheers all. Lone Echo bought, and played about 30 mins of it before I had to give up because it was starting to make me feel a little queasy.

    I've not quite got over the motion sickness issue yet - and am probably still a little under the weather from a sickness bug last week, so not in the best fettle for VR gaming. Really enjoyed the start though.
  3. kevman


    Joined: Jan 13, 2018

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    Short bursts are best whilst you get used to it - don't try to play through.
    I found having a fan blowing air in your face helped quite a bit for me - skyrim full motion was bad or me.

    The game does start slow and I actually put it down for a few months after I bought it initially. But keep going it is an awesome experience.
  4. lokiss


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  5. aoaaron

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    I have a huge backlog but every tempted with the current VR deals