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Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by dl8860, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. dl8860


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    To redecorate the bedroom, I'm stripping existing painted lining paper and going to hang new lining paper and paint again.

    Planning to do paste-the-wall method as it sounds simpler and easier on all accounts. Wife went to wickes today to get these two

    The paper doesn't mention if it's for paste the paper or paste the wall, but it's the only wickes one on the site, and the adhesive said for use with paste the wall method, so I thought all good.

    The roll of paper she's bought appears to be exactly the right one, except it says on it 'paste the paper'. She said that was the only type there, though one of the online reviews says first time trying paste the wall and it turned out great. Though who knows if they bundle reviews together for separate listings?

    The adhesive she got has all the same descriptions as the online listing but doesn't say explicitly which method it's for, but in the instructions on the back it says about pasting the paper.

    I've read you should make sure you get the right sort of paper as the paste the paper stuff will absord the liquid differently, so finding it hard to know if I'm worrying too much.

    Any wisdom?
  2. Molep


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    Always used Wallrock fibreliner smooth by Erfurt Mav, so easy to use. Tried others and they stretch and shrink.