watercooling setup spec questions

29 Oct 2005
I am planning to make a watercooling setup to complement a phase cooled cpu. I am not sure what is the best system to get. The components I'd like cooled are:

Ram (Koolance ram block)
3 harddrives (2 cooled together, 1 cooled by itself)

Now im only planning at the moment, so im still not sure what my actual hardware will be, i just know that those are the things that need cooling. I have been looking at the Asetek Waterchill Xternal system and the Koolance EVO systems and was wondering if these are any good?

Also I am aware that the mosfets, chipset and ram may slow the flow down. Is this correct? If so is it worth going for a 2 pump setup and using 2 loops, from 1 resevoir to 1 radiator?

I am hoping the Xternal and EVO systems are good as I like the all in one design and the fact that everything is encased and outside the pc case. I would like my radiator to be outside, if going for a custom build pumps etc. can happily go inside the case.

So the question i am asking is:
What is the best setup for me to go for?

Thanks everyone

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