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Web Site Intros

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by phykell, 23 May 2006.

  1. phykell


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    I've created an intro (swf) for a web site and just wondered what's the convention for its deployment?

    Should I make it the "default" page, calling it index.htm or default.htm and have it linking to the home page named as main.htm or similar?

    I've created many web sites but I've never had to bother with an intro before - personally, it's not something I particularly like but in this case, it's not my decision.

    Any opinion on this is welcome :)
  2. Augmented


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    A good idea might be to store a cookie on the user's machine once they've viewed/skipped the movie for the first time that lets you know whether to show the movie or not. At least then the intro won't become an annoyance on subsequent visits.

    If you're going to have it as the default homepage for the site, make sure you have some way of reaching the actual site through a regular text link - allowing spiders and those without flash to still access the site.

    Though perhaps the best method of deployment would be not to deploy it :D.
  3. Beansprout

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    if( the client is visiting ){
    } else {

    I'd go with the cookie idea :)
  4. JustinW


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    Perhaps some kind of plugin detection is inorder, if the visitor has the Flash plugin then fine, show the intro, else skip it.

    Most people will quit the site if they don't have the plug-in and are prompted to install it.

    Have you explained to the person incharge the downside of having a Flash Intro?