Weird Google/I.E problem

22 Sep 2006
Chelmsford, Essex
Over the past two days I've had an issue with I.E. on two customers machines (both machines belonging to the same company)

Yesterday the problem was fixed by upgrading I.E.6 to I.E.7 albeit it looked like it had been downgraded from I.E. 7 previously however today one of his colleagues has got the same problem and he's running I.E.7 (I've tried downgrading and then reinstalling and it didn't work, nor did it work just by downgrading to I.E.6)

Basically the problem is that when Google is the home page and you click the home button it pops up with a I.E. message...

Internet explorer cannot open the internet site  "Operation aborted"

It only does it when you press the home button - you can type and it works fine and it only does it with Google as the home page.

The only other piece of information worth mentioning about this customer is that they run via a proxy (Webmarshal) and it does appear to be profile driven - it works perfectly under the administrators account for example (albeit that doesn't run via the proxy)

Changing to another browser or upgrading to I.E.8 is a no go.

Lastly and this may be me clutching at straws but I've got a feeling in the pit of my stomach that it's something to do with this new predictive sentencing within google as I only noticed that for the first time yesterday when I was dealing with the first problem PC (I might be way off there though)

Anybody got any ideas?