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18 Oct 2002
looking for a cheap to run laser printer to take on field trips for proofs,

have a oki c5540 (this has copying scanner module on as well) looking for similar speeds and quality from prints on good laser paper , (the oki is on lease contract and running into problems of getting more toners as ive been using it for a lot more than the 5% coverage they expect ,,even though it was explained what i would use it for its also more cumbersome than id like)

its running costs ie toners that hurt KONICA MINOLTA Konica Minolta Magicolor 2400W cheap to buy but toners cost as for proofing im using a lot more than 5% coverage. this also looks good for size compactness ie looks like a hp1320n size.

any one else use a color laser for proofing ?
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18 Oct 2002
Picked up a HP CLJ 2550N on Bank Holiday Monday for £80 from a common electrical superstore.

Was in the managers clearance section - they estimate that the toners will last 5000 pages for the black and 2000 for the colour - but a complete set will cost you £100 of the bay.

Drum is good for 20'000 copies as well apparently - thats £130 though.

Only down side - being HP it doesn't have XP64 drivers.. :(

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