What do i do?

9 Jun 2004
On holiday last week had a problem with my phone, was using it, put it in my pocket, took it out 5 mins later and it was dead. Initialy thourght it was just a dead battery, put it on charge that night and nothing was happening so i wasnt sure if it was the battery, charger or phone it self. Anyway left it on charge for the last 4-5 days (reguarly trying to switch it on etc with no luck), got back from my holiday last night and phoned orange, went through a series of test and they determined it was the phone and they are going to collect it and give me a new one tomorrow morning. About 5 minutes ago i tried to switch it on again and its now turned on and seems fine.

Basically they're going to recieve my phone tomorrow expecting it to be broken and its going to be fine and im not sure whether to phone them up because they said if i cancel or rearrange the delivery i will be charged £13.

So any ideas what to do?
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