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What is Intel VIIV?

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by salami1212, 29 May 2006.

  1. salami1212


    Joined: 3 Jul 2005

    Posts: 3,027

    i was browsing the dell website and there was

    Intel® Pentium® D 930 Dual Core Processor (3.00GHz, 800MHz fsb, 2x2MB cache)


    Intel® Viiv™ technology -Intel® Pentium® D 930 Dual Core(3.00GHz,800MHz,2x2MB)

    whats the difference and whats better and things?
  2. vintage-x

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 7 May 2004

    Posts: 1,951

    as far as I know Viiv is a set of features for low power quiet htpcs
  3. maddness


    Joined: 13 Dec 2003

    Posts: 6,181

    Location: Intel HQ

  4. NickK


    Joined: 13 Jan 2003

    Posts: 19,461

  5. Raikiri


    Joined: 5 Jul 2005

    Posts: 17,839

    Location: Brighton

    And that is precisely what VIIV is
  6. r3loaded


    Joined: 20 Mar 2006

    Posts: 383

    Location: Manchester, UK

    It's basically like Centrino - you have to have an Intel chipset, Intel CPU and Intel something-or-other. Then the PC must support Away mode - a low power, fan-off mode where it can still record TV. Finally, when your PC passes all these requirements, you get a nice shiny VIIV badge to go on your PC.

    It's basically helping OEMs to market Media Centre computers.
  7. NickK


    Joined: 13 Jan 2003

    Posts: 19,461

    VIIV - what TiVo has been doing for the last 5 years...
  8. Dunky


    Joined: 16 May 2005

    Posts: 380

    Location: Glasgow

    Also note that VIIV in roman numerals is 64 (as in 64-bit). Marketing or what...
  9. ns400r


    Joined: 23 Apr 2004

    Posts: 3,580

    Location: UK, Near the middle......

    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

    So what is LXIV then ?
  10. kevpuk


    Joined: 12 Jul 2005

    Posts: 2,996

    Location: Just over your shoulder

    I'm guessing VI = 6 and IV = 4 ? Hhhhmmmm, not tooooo sure 'bout that, then ! :p
  11. Stelly


    Joined: 5 Oct 2005

    Posts: 11,063

    Location: Liverpool

    and people say that Intel are getting less confusing ;)

  12. Dunky


    Joined: 16 May 2005

    Posts: 380

    Location: Glasgow

    Yep, I mean 6 and 4 (not sixty-four) I realised just as I logged off that it could have been better explained =) . Very confusing indeed...