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What Magazines do Doctors and Nurses Read?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by radderfire, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. ttaskmaster


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    Well, yeah.... This one I'm reading now says, "Colt AR-15 Cal .223. Colt's PT F.A Mfg Co. Inc. Hartford, Conn. USA".

    There is a very bad taste joke I could have made about recent events, but I don't feel like deliberately upsetting half a forum today...

    No scalpel in that. Got one in the first aid kit, though.
    EDC does have a Swiss Army knife, if that helps?

    Sweetie gifts can often be good, but not if a nurse is 'having a fat day'... Pens are less romantic, but a safer bet.

    One of my nurse mates accidentally made her boyfriend pee himself. There's a point on the body where you press in and upward, which forces the bladder to release. Nurses use this on patients that have trouble peeing.
    Same nurse later did it again to him... deliberately... just for a laugh. And laugh she did.

    Nurses can be EVIL!!!!
  2. V F


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    It gives a whole new meaning finding his weak spot.
  3. FishFluff


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    BMJ. But it’s mostly an online thing.
  4. stockhausen


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    Spelling error corrected ;)
  5. Teh_Next

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    Oh my, I did actually LOL


    Used to be the Nursing Times years ago for jobs and articles. I don't think doctors and nurses read the same mags tbh, probably.
  6. tres


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    BMJ, get it through the door regularly
  7. EVH


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    Do you get it through the back door?
  8. StoutMeister


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    Need to quote Dr.J.Morrison for this.
  9. Minstadave


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    Wife gets the BMJ (utter junk normally) and Pulse which is for GPs.

    Each royal college will have a magazine for their speciality. I get Archives of Disease in Childhood.

    The defense providers (MPS/MDU) send out magazines to nearly everyone.

    The vast majority of us pile them up and never read them.