What Temps Are Your Q6600?

30 Mar 2007
On The Earth
I currently have upgraded to a Q6600 running at stock voltage with no overclocking.

Im using an Asus Silent Sqaure to cool this and my temps are around 50oC to 55oC idle and when using Orthos they go from 66oC to 75oC.

I called tech support at OCUK and they said it should be running at between 20oC and 30oC. :confused:

I dont know if that is the right temps for this chip as my C2D E6400 that I had running stock on idle was 33oC

Can you start putting up your Q6600 temps up so we can compare temps and also what Heatsink and fans you are using...

It would be nice to know what the average temperatures are...

Thanks Guys
28 Oct 2005
my 4 cores are usually 38c - 43c idle, and around 68c on orthos torture test. But thats with the weather cooler at the moment. When it gets really warm in here, probably 45c -50c idle and up to maybe 75c on orthos max.

Thats @ 2.7ghz with stock cooler and voltage. Temps arnt much different @ 2.4ghz for me.

Antec Nine Hundred case, fans on medium speed setting.
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