What would you do?

20 Sep 2009
Hi all,

Got some new parts coming today, will be my first build.

coming are... i7 860, asus P7P55D, 4GB CORSAIR XMS3, 1TB Samsung F3

I will be using some stuff from my existing pc... corsair VX450, 8800GT, dvd drive, case and possibly a WD caviar 320GB 7200rpm thats nearly a couple of years old.

I'll be using windows 7 RC until the student version is released.

So... a few questions...

1)What would you guys recommend I do with regards to hard drives/installing os?

use WD 320GB as boot drive and F3 as storage?
use F3 as boot drive and storage? (partitioned)

2) whats the best way to format a hard drive if I do use it? never done this before!

3) any way of getting all my programs to the new PC without having to reinstall them? same goes for steam games etc...

I have an external drive should i need to use it for anything...


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