What's Happening with my Order?

26 Sep 2016
I have two orders with OcUK, one for an RTX3080 - I understand the situation and I'm not asking about this.

But I have another order for a case and a cpu cooler. I've had this on order for over a month now. Last week the items came in stock and I sent a webnote asking when my order will be fulfilled, I was told the stock is reserved for my order and just needs to be picked and packed.

That was a week ago, the items are now out of stock again, and every reply to my webnotes just seem to be "we'll ask the warehouse team" but I never actually get an update.

I just tried phoning in and after being on hold for an hour the support staff hung up on me as I started asking my question (presumably an accident). But now I can't get back through.

I've missed two opportunities to buy these items from OcUK competitors - whom I've had no issue getting in touch with, but I figured I already have my order in with OcUK and I've been using OcUK for about 10 years now so I'll just wait.

The items have come in stock and gone back out of stock with OcUK and yet I still have no idea what's going on with my order?

It seems I'm being punished for my loyalty to OCuK and paying in advance.

I'm really not one to complain, but I don't know where else to go to get an answer on what's going on?
2 Sep 2016
Ordered a cpu cooler on sunday just past from here (white 34 duo) got an email on wed that it had shipped and received on friday so wasnt terrible
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