What's it worth?

6 Nov 2005
I've got some post upgrade leftovers lying here and was thinking of auctioning them or sticking them in the local paper and was just wondering what they were worth.

AMD XP2600 sktA with Akasa cooling fan
AMD XP2500 sktA with Artic Cooling fan
PC (cheap as) Chips Socket A motherboard
Gigabyte NF2 Pro Motherboard with Sata Raid Dual DDR
ATI Sapphire 9600 Pro 256MB AGP
Nvidia Geforce FX5200 128MB AGP

I'm just needin rid of the whole lot as they are no use to me anymore but all workin perfect so it'd be a shame to have them lying in a box. I had a wee look on popular auction site and the 2500 barton seems to go for around £50 which is not bad for a 2-3 year old chip.
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