Where's my poker?

15 Sep 2006
I have 64 bit Ultimate oem, which i got from OcUK

The first time i installed it (didnt bother activating it) and on the 31st i got the poker and bitlocker etc.

A few days ago i re-formatted and re-installed Vista and activated, but under windows update i now dont get poker, bitlocker or that other extra, i have tried searching for poker but its not there, its not in installed updates either, and windows update keeps telling me there are no new updates available!

I have tried re running the experience index, which is 5.3, i have deleted the updates in C/windows/softwaredistribution/somefolder(?) and re run update.

I also seem to remember that there used to be a windows update for my Dell 2007wfp, which i didnt get this time (i had to right click on monitors in device manager and select update). I also havent had that list of language packs.

I have checked and i havent hidden any updates. I'm half tempted to reinstall again to see if that helps...

Has anyone got any ideas why im not getting the option to download updates? :)
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