Which 49 Ultra Wide

13 Mar 2014
Been looking at these and see mixed reviews, so wanted to ask a few questions if possible
I saw the Samsung version the older variant wasn't great but the new version is ok, anybody any views on this
Also what other 49s in the 1k budget zone would you recommend I look at
I don't want the LG cx 48 as I have 55s and being a TV the menu system isn't tailored towards us Gamers its more TV esk, but I also understand you probably could split the screen in half like the Ultras ?

Last 1 if I connect 2 computers to the 49s, lets say work laptop and main PC, would it display both ? but I presume id have to have some mouse sync tech to pass the keyboard and mouse between them like Synergy

thanks guys

Ahh last thing I run Freesync at the moment not G Sync so AMD preferred
9 Mar 2012
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Nothing else is going to compete with the Samsung G9 in terms of specs if you want to take the chance over the possible quality shortfalls and their dead pixel policy not being industry leading. The only others worth looking at are if you're prepared to compromise on HDR and refresh rate.

AOC Agon AG493UCX - gain better dead pixel warranty, USB-C and Power Delivery charging, KVM switch to make use of two systems connected but compromise on HDR and refresh rate @ 120Hz
Philips 499P9H - gain Windows Hello web cam, USB-C and Power Delivery charging, KVM switch but compromise on HDR and more so on refresh rate @ only 70Hz
Philips 498P9 - similar to the above Philips but without Windows Hello web cam or USB-C

Philips 439P9H - as alternative to the above 2 Philips this is 3840 x 1200 so like two 1920 x 1200 monitors but it addresses some of the refresh rate short comings of the above two as it's 100Hz, still has KVM & USB-C

The alternative would be to play the waiting game and see what CES or other announcements come this year, perhaps go for a 34" 3440 x 1440 as a stop gap until a better larger screen is available. Add a laptop dock with USB-C and Power Delivery plus a USB switch to make use of one KB and mouse.

iiyama G-MASTER GB3461WQSU-B1 - Flat (IPS)
iiyama G-MASTER GB3466WQSU-B1 - Curved (IPS)

AOC CU34G2X/BK - Curved (VA)

Also be aware that almost everything at the moment is due to be outdated in terms of DP & HDMI versions soon.
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13 Mar 2014
Many thanks for the response, great input. I,ll maybe hang in there then for the next gen units.

I must admit HDR isn't great on Windows so I don't really use it, I find it makes everything dull till you fire a HDR game up, my current monitor is a 32 Curved Samsung with Freesync and HDR..
I just wish there was a Monitor as clear as my Mac Pros 5k screen, they sit next to each other and when you drift your eyes across the units the 5k is just Devine :(

thanks Soldato appreciated.
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