Which Amp ?

6 Feb 2003
Now i know you lot are probably going to say, direct me to another manufacturer, although my entire kit is sony (apart from my valdus 500, 100, centre speaker setup)

My old Sony STR-DE585 is on its last legs, producing some really weird sounds lately and randomly cutting out, didgits disappearing and loud squeaks,lol.
I've blown it up twice and had it repaired under warranty twice so after its duling 4 years of service, its time to go.

I'm keeping the speakers i love em to bits, i am looking in the ranges of a Sony STR-DG500 (as i dont have a hi def tv so no point goin with the HDMI nonsence) or an STR-DE598 both i can get brand new from £150-200 each.

I know you might direct me to Pioneer stuff (which i will buy when i got loads of money and get meself some bower and wilkins)

But anyway for the money, and the rest of the silver sony seperates I have its a choice between those 2, the DG500 has that auto set up thats nice as is quite simple and can support a lot of stuff.

Although the DE598 supports lots too, and i've just purchased a 2nd valdus centre speaker thinking the DG500 came with 6.1, my bad, so also the 598 supports this also i reacon looks less sleek and the 598 is 150 watt per channel (so it claims) which is nice rather than the 100Watt per channel I have at the mo.

Although i doubt id notice the differnce, that DTS neo matrix stuff sounds nice too so i wouldnt mind hearing that.

What do you think, I basically listen to Dolby digital live music using the nforce 2 chipset for now until i get my HDA true dolby sound card and i watch lots of movies and TV etc, action, car chasing and sci-fi movies.

My music tastes are Hed Kandi House (and stuff like it), R n B, Ministry of sound classic and a bit of Indy stuff.

Hope this helps

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