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4 Dec 2002
Bourne, Lincs
So Windows 11 is giving me grief even after a rebuild, not gone back to 10 yet so thought would try linux on main machine, but with the myriad of distros and I have watched the LTT video but thought I would ask here as well.

Main use for PC is email/web and gaming apart from Lost Ark most of the games I play seem to be covered by Proton so that is fine, but would look to dual boot which think is still possible?

I have a nVidia 2080ti seem to remember drivers were not the best, also run with 3 screens 1 x 4K and 2 x 1080p screens.

Most of my file storage is all in OneDrive but think you can use this via another programme, I also use Outlook I know it is not on Linux but what would be a good alternative?

I do have Corsair mouse and keyboard but RGB on those can be done through a 3rd party apps so not too worried about that, and PC has no windows or RGB

5 Feb 2012
The latest Ubuntu LTS edition is a good place to start if for no other reason when you run into a problem and google it you'll have a higher chance of finding a solution with specific instructions for your situation. Then move to one of "cool" distros later if you want once you've learned the ropes :cool:

I keep hearing people saying nvidia drivers are bad on Linux but I've never had a hint of a problem to be honest on two different nvidia cards.

You'll definitely want to dual boot, you may struggle to get some games running even if they are supported according to Proton, but I'm finding things have improved a lot recently in general.

To use OneDrive and GoogleDrive on Linux just go ahead an buy two one-time Insync licences, I've been very happy with it myself.

I don't bother with email clients any more, I just use the web interface so I can't comment on that...
19 May 2011
PopOS is more suited to gaming also, they have a nvidia iso option - not many linux distro's offer this open amongst their downloads.
Garuda good also.
Many other options, but they involve more tinkering to fully set up.
28 Dec 2004
MInt - excellent. Steam works great on it.

Manjaro - any desktop version (you can have it with anything - cinnamon, gnome, kde, etc). Excellent. Steam works great on it.

Popos. Meant to be excellent for gaming. I've installed it but never kept it for long.

As another poster has mentioned popos makes install of nvidia drivers easy, but so do Manjaro and MInt. Both just lay it all on for you. You just need to tell them to go ahead and install nvidia drivers. However, if you get a black screen at boot after first installing nvidia search online for the nomodeset boot trick.
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