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Hey all,

This is the situation ;

I have the original iMac G5 installation CD (10.4.2) and a Tiger installation DVD (10.4.3) and i'm about to wipe it all off and reinstall everything.

Ok, everything is fine with that BUT...

Do I install with the CD, and have to download 200Mb+ of updates, or do I install off the DVD and not have Front Row working ?? :confused:

I've looked on the Apple site, and all I can find is a 4MB update to Front Row 1.0.1.. anyone know if you can download it seperately??

Kinda urgent..

Thanks muchly.


Deleted member 651465


Deleted member 651465

Ok.. thanks for the advice.

I installed straight off the DVD last night and like I thought, Front Row can't be downloaded seperately! :(

Looks like I will install off the CD sometime in the next week..

You say upgrade, I've never done it that way before; is it hard??

Also, because i'm installing 10.4.2 will it just find the 10.4.4 update when it searches for updates, or will it make me install the 10.4.3 update first?

Just asking because it might be more convienent to just update it, but I dont want to have to restart loads see.

Thanks again.

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