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12 Feb 2006
i have a really old computer, specs are rather low, not too sure something like, i know it got 550 pentium power, about 256 RAM, 32mg graphic card, thats bout all i can say about it, but anyway i want to put Linux on it so i can learn how to use it.

I am a complete newbie with Linux, i have never ever seen what it looks like, so it would have to be just a simple free version that does basic stuff and maybe i can then upgrade to a better one later.

Any suggestions of what i need, and where to get it?

Also will need instuctions on how id go about installing Linux on a PC that already has windows98 on it. i intend to get rid of 98, how would i do this?, and put linux on instead, again how would i do this?

thanks chaps
3 Dec 2004
A good starting point would be Ubuntu, most people would probably recommend this to you as there is a lot of good support around for it, and its simple to install etc. Ive had it installed on pcs with lower specs than that and it was useable so you shouldnt have any problems there.

You can get it from :


Just download the CD image and burn it.

Installing it is pretty simple, just boot from the cd like you would with windows and follow the instructions. When it comes to choosing partitions etc there will be an option for formatting to get rid of the 98 install.

If you have any problems whilst installing you can always come here for help.
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