Which OcUK Wired Router ?

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17 Oct 2002
ok guys,

currently have a BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL modem, which is well old, it did its job no probs for the last 2 years but now Ive upgraded my BB I think its time i upgraded to a Router which will make it much easier for playing on Xboxlive as my current ICS option is not ideal.

so From OcUK there are 5 real options as i dont want to spend much over £50 including delivery.

My only real needs are for it to be a ethernet router / be reliable / capable of playing online with / able to be on 24/7 and do a fair amount of DLoading and finally the simpler to set up the better. I currently have a static IP and although i dont know what that really means if it means one router is easier to set up with that than another it may be a factor.

so here are the contenders

Billion BiPAC 5200

Billion BiPAC 7300

Linksys AG241

Linksys BEFSR41

Netgear http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=NW-016-NG&groupid=46&catid=115&subcat=794

so its pretty much out of those. I dont want to got wireless as I am not buying a XBOX wireless card and I have heard horror stories of setting up wireless connections.

so which wired router would be best ?

over to you :p
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15 Nov 2002
I have a spare Linksys BEFSR41.v2 cable/dsl router that is on fleabay atm which is fully boxed and needs a new home.

We can workout a deal of you want it cheap solution under £50

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