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which PDA phone?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Mort, 6 Jun 2006.

  1. Mort

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    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Milton Keynes

    Ok... dropped phone in a pint last weekend, then it got pwned on a water ride at alton towers this weekend and pretty much finished it off :rolleyes:

    Been wanting a PDA integrated phone for a while now, and was looking at the o2 XDAi2 as has a nice spec, and looks the doggies danglies, but now appears they dont do it anymore... so wondered what I should be looking at?

    Wanting something with wireless networking (b/g), well supported, possibly some sort of vnc / remote features for syncing with pc, also one with any replacement linux OS or something maybe?

    Not too sure whats good so i open it to the masses.... h'educate me :)
  2. Flibster


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    XDA Exec...

    Or the errr....

    MDA Pro...

    Or errr...

    Orange M5000

    Thats about it really... but I am a little bit biased.

  3. k3v

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    I've got a aspv m600, its not a full size pda/phone so it fits in your pocket more easy. its got wifi and wm5
    a lot of these phones (made by htc)are available on other networks using different names, so have a dig around.
  4. VIRII


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    How soon do you need it, there are some blinding phones coming out from HTC in the future. Vario2 is due out very soon next 2 months or so I am led to believe.

    Have a look at the HTC Muse, Trilogy, Hermes, Modeo, foreseer and star trek.