Which printer?

10 Jul 2010
I have a Canon IP7250 just now, but waste ink absorber is full and the print head has seen better days. I've tried replacing the head, but I get a B200 message and nothing seems to get rid of the message and allow me to print.

Most important for me is the paper input and output trays. I have my printer on a shelf and it overhangs a couple of inches. Although this doesn't bother me, space is precious on that shelf, so a rear paper feeder would probably be out of the question. I'd like to keep automatic double sided printing would be a bonus, as it saves paper,.

Canon's range seems to have changed a lot since I bought my printer. I bought this printer knowing that I could buy cheap alternative cartridges and replace only the colour that needs replacing. I don't print a lot, so I'm not sure I'd benefit from MegaTank printers, plus they seem quite highly priced.

Ideally I'd spend no more than £150, but I would spend a little extra to get the right printer. I've only owned Canon printers for about the last 15 years, so I'm not that familiar with other manufacturers.
18 Jul 2015
Has to be the Epson Ecotank all in one.
They are expensive but you save a fortune in ink; especially colour.
8 Sep 2005
Norrbotten, Sweden.
I'd rebuy a canon.

After years of being an Epson user and suffering from blocked heads and using whole cartides to clean the damn thing, I swapped to a cheap ass canon and it is 10000x better.
Firstly it takes nonofficial cartridges, all my other Epson's got updated and made it impossible to use anything but official.
Secondly, it rarely clogs or dries up.
I can go a month without using it and it's always working first try, touch wood :p

I am by no way a heavy user so take what I say with a large pinch of salt.

I almost treat printers as semi disposable these days. If you can get 2 or 3 years out of a cheapy 50 quid all in one scanner/printer I'd say that was good going.

The cost of a new printer is usually about as much as a full set of official inks.....it's bloody insane.
23 Jul 2022
Dorchester UK
Possibly an urban myth, but it is often said that printer ink is the most expensive liquid in the world.

I like large prints and find my Cannon A3+ IX6850 is really good, after market inks are quite cheap, the expensive bit for me is the archival quality paper. The prints do last and have several that are over 2 years old with no degradation in colour, inks seem to make little difference to the fading of cheaper paper.
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