Which Psu ?

12 Jan 2006
hi, im attempting to reduce the noise of my main pc since im sleeping in the same room as it and as im migrating all hard drives to the next room in a big tower im taking this opertunaty to speed the main pc up as much as money allows and make it a little more friend to me while im sleeping and its on

Its currently got water cooling on it but i was contemplating buying the zalman reservator 1 plus kit as i liked the sound of it (no pun intended :p )

But i pulled my desk out today and most of the sound seems to be coming from the psu to be honest, so it seems silly ditching my current water cooling for something that may well be quieter but i cant tell due to the psu lol

Ive had a bit of a google session tonight and arnt coming up with many reviews on latest psus and there noise levels

im running a Envermax 460w psu which i must have brought about 6 year ago at least off ocuk im extremly keen on sticking with envermax as quite frankly its an amazing power supply which i dont think will ever pack up and that says something about it build quality...

but in the interests of quietness im also considering the zalman psu..

so ive narrowed it down to

1. Enermax Noisetaker 535W EG565AX-VE(W) = £58.69

2. Zalman ZM460-APS 460W = £64.57

does any one own these ? or have had experiance and could help me make the right decision, my current psu's great so my only consideration here is noise and not crippling me in the pocket ;)

cheers gang
18 Jan 2005
The Zalman is probably quietest, however seasonic psu's are known to be the best for silence. I own an S12-500 and it was very quiet. No problems with it except it didn't work. RMAing it, but don't let that put you off.
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